Jun. 7th, 2008 12:58 pm
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Here's something I wrote of which I'm both fond and uncertain-- especially the last bit. Braeden's a barista stuck as an unwilling minion of Hell, working a drive-thru espresso stand out in Lynden. My protagonist is paying him a visit to poke him for info.

I'm having so much fun determining what all my characters drink. :-P (Bree's a mocha girl, and I don't think Ianto would ever drink anything with less than two shots in it.) I'm going to have to stop by the Black Drop and deliberately soak up more coffee lingo. I've already soaked up a lot by simple osmosis, but since I don't drink coffee myself, I'm not positive of my terminology. Can I say Doppio Americano? (double shot with water)

Anyway, the snippet:

"Steam wisped around Braeden’s shoulders like the breath of Hell, the hiss and rumble of the espresso machine echoing the cars crowding Meridian. Outside, the sky opened wide above them, brilliant blue above the grey concrete sprawl, while Braeden stood in his little steaming hot box, bound to the service of Hell, commuters bound for Hell, and Canadians bound for outlet malls."
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This evening I blew off plotting and other useful things in favor of laundry and blog-reading. I brought my laptop to the laundry place, but ended up playing an arcade game and reading the Book of Enoch. As a result, I've got a few new ideas about the cosmology of my world.

And, I think my flailing about for titles may be at an end. I can name each book after an entity it features. It's boring, but effective. Hence we shall have:
Book 1: The Hellborn
Book 2: The Changelings
Book 3: Genius Loci (maybe)
Book 4: The Nephilim
and so on.
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FInished the next-last-draft of The Blood Rose Devouring, at 99,126 words. Here's to hoping I can figure out a new title.
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So I had this magnificent plan to work my hero into a corner so he'd have to make this one, magnificently painful choice. Great. I'm writing the big scene, when I think, hey, I should have character X show up, that would be awesome. So she shows up, and digs a huge hole in my dead end corner that my hero is about to slip through. Bitch. This is not permittable.
Dammit. And now the heroine's a marble and can't get pissed off like she was supposed to.
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Last night I hacked off the first five pages of tBRD to evaluate them for workshopping next weekend. Scene 1 hadn't changed since the smut version. Scene 2 is awesome. I pondered the theory that this was imply because Ianto is so damn awesome that of course his intro scene (Scene 2) would be the shit. But why can't Bree in Scene 1 also be The Shit? The Dead Perverts read it and told me she was boring. I'm not sure I can make her The Shit in the first scene, but I hope I can at least make her interesting.

Looking at the scenes side by side makes me realize how much I've grown in just six months.
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I already knew a lot about Hell and various demonologies before I wrote The Blood Rose Devouring, but I still did a lot of research first. In the end, I didn't use some of the more traditional takes, and created my own Hell with flourescent lighting.

In book 2, I'll be messing with Faery realms. I've got a vague idea of the mythos, but mainly through other authors. I've read fairy tales, but how close do those come to "traditional" folklore. I'm going to head up to the library tomorrow to research, but can anyone recommend some books? When I type in "fairy" into the catalog, I get mostly fairy tales. "Sidhe" "fey" and "faery" don't get results.
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If I were to use the term "perfruorii" to label a group of people, would I be grammatically correct?
I poked through a Latin dictionary and found "perfruor," which meant "enjoy to the full" and I want to use that in my Nano novel to label a group of undead nasties who let the vessels of their soul be filled with the power of hell.


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