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I walked to Fairhaven today to pick up the Cherie Priest book I ordered. Just outside the bookstore, on the village green, sat a young St. Bernard wearing a ridiculously large barrel around its neck. I was pondering whether this was the cutest or most disturbing thing I'd ever seen when the dog stood up and received a smack on its rump with the folded leash for it. Thus I received my answer.

Later, I was in my favorite secret spot, attempting to eat an apricot. I was able to take a bite right out of it, and the texture barely bugged me. But it tasted so bitter, I had to spit it out. Nevertheless, I was very happy.

I also had a paper bag with a multi-grain ciabatta sandwich sitting on it, all atop a rock covered in ladybugs and aphids. I was very careful every time I took a bite, because the seeds encrusting the roll looked like bugs. :-( I sat there for a long time reading [ profile] cmpriest's book. When I was done, I went to put the last half of my sandwich back in the bag. Alas, the bag was covered in 50-100 little green aphids. I tried shaking them off, fruitlessly. I could put the sandwich in the bag the apricot came in, and leave both aphids and bag behind. But I didn't want to litter! Or, I could put the aphids in my purse. >:( Fortunately, I discovered that a firm tap sent the bugs flying.

Then I walked to Marine Park, which has the best, softest grass for lying in. Just off shore, a half-dozen people played kayak basketball, which looks damned hard, since the baskets are atop six-foot-high buoys which are constantly swaying.
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