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Well, it would appear my ground floor neighbor is a batterer. A couple minutes ago, I heard shouting, and figured, if it was a domestic dispute, I should call the police. I've never done that before, and the thought made me nervous. Most people let that anxiety keep them from picking up the phone on their neighbors, and possibly saving a life. I couldn't be a hypocrite and not do that.

Listening more closely, however, revealed that this was a one-sided conversation, with the wife off somewhere safe. (at least, I hope she's safe. She apparently said her mother doesn't know where she is, which makes me think she's being careful. But he's also saying he'll "come down there," though that might just be bluster.) This does not make my neighbor happy.

Ok, she finally hung up on him.

I'm not sure if there's anything I can do in this situation. If she'd been there, getting threatened, I'd just call the cops. But what can you do when the lady's already fled? Just be happy for her, I guess, and hope she gets a protection order.
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The first day of ValhallaCon 1 was yesterday. On the one hand, it's strange having friends from out of town in Bellingham. On the other hand, it's hard to feel like you're in Bellingham when you're out at the airport Hampton. And on the other other hand, which is my hand alone, it's super weird and creepy being next to my old friends' old house (which is now incredibly trashy) where I had so much late-night drama.
Ghosts on ghosts. This weekend also marks the one-year anniversary of J (and J2) coming back into my life for like, a day, whirling everything around like a hurricane, and then vanishing again. Good in the long run, but damn, Labor Day 2008 was annoying.
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Last night, I finished The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl, by Tim Pratt. It's as if my entire writing group wrote a book together. (Oh no! A book set in Santa Cruz! ;-P )

The Mad PC Corrector got to my library copy. (They use a pencil to change things like "huntsman" to "huntsperson") I was worried, since, hello, "Rangergirl." But they seemed to give up after a few chapters.

In other news, I feel like I have a small sea urchin in the back of my throat.

I also just went back and looked at some old dramatic posts from an old dramatic acquaintance. Every time I read it, I get furious, but I do it compulsively. It's a shameful, shameful pleasure. Shameful because I worry I am sometimes like him.

Sometimes, I feel bad for making fun of the guy, but then I go look at that stuff. (This is the "When you said no, I thought you were just being a woman!" guy). Maybe he's changed over the last two years, but the grotesque defenses he had set up to defend his enormous ego were pretty strong back then, I can't imagine what it would take to tear them down.


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