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So I'm heading home from work, deciding which route I want to take. I consider going to the marina to try out the workout equipment they've got there. However, I'm starving, and decide I want to see Iron Man 2. So I go home, check the movie times, and head for the bus. The bus, unfortunately, can only get me there 45 minutes early, so I spontaneously decide to walk out to the mall. It's only a twenty minute walk, and I'd like the exercise.

As soon as I open the door to the mall, I think, "Did I actually check which theatre it's at?" No, I didn't. Turns out, it's not at this one. But, I've got loads of time, and can take a bus to the other big theatre. I wait a few minutes, rummage through my purse, and can't find my cash. (a ten and a one, which hey! I still can't find.) There's 5, but the bus is in five minutes, and I don't have enough time to get change. I run to a nearby vending machine, but it doesn't take fives. So hell, I'll walk to Sunset Square. There's another showing 30 minutes after the one I'm aiming for, anyways.

Forty minutes and one short cut detour that didn't work out, I'm at Sunset Square where, lo! Iron Man 2 is not playing. I guess it's actually at the little theatre that usually only shows end runs and artsy stuff.

I'm annoyed at my missing 11 bucks, but I'll survive. I got some good exercise, and a good laugh at myself.


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