Aug. 30th, 2009

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Today, I discovered my camera has a manual setting, which opens a whole new world of possibility. All this time, I figured my camera was too old to have anything too cool on it. Here's some pics from today. [ profile] quantumage stopped by and went for a walk with us.


More behind the cut, and at my photostream.
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These are from a week or so ago. On the walk home from work, I got shots of the old Georgia Pacific mill, which is right behind my work. There's entertaining non-GP pics, too.

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Aug. 30th, 2009 07:30 pm
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I've been putting everything into the craft business, so I let myself zone out and read my RSS feeds tonight. As a result, I have links.

Weird NASA Mission patches. Featuring Ninja Turtles and Marvin the Martian. Via io9.

Muppet Show Beatles covers.

Ted Kennedy Will Not Become a Mormon Soon. Via New Advent.

Growing bioengineered teeth in mice. Sän could have his wisdom teeth pulled again! Via Slashdot.

BrainPort Lets the Blind "See" With Their Tongues Weird!

Plastic breaks down quickly in the sea—into toxic chemicals. Well, crap. I attempted to write a submission for the Shine Anthology that dealt with cleaning up the Garbage Patch. I’d like to finish it, but this throws a huge wrench into my earlier plan. This is why I hate writing near future sf.

I’ve been hearing more about the Garbage Patch. Maybe they’ll finally do something about it. Today on our walk, we did our part to prevent things from worsening. San was picking up a bunch of garbage in the estuary. I saw a plastic bag that I thought I might be able to reach with a stick (me being the tallest one there.) I grabbed the biggest stick around, which was half-submerged and turned out to be approximately half a tree. [ profile] quantumage gave me a hand and we wrestled the plastic bag free.


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