Jun. 21st, 2009

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I finally got a Twitter client that doesn't piss me off. The first one I tried was convenient and discrete, but for some reason didn't have scroll arrows.
Anyways, I got TweetDeck, and proceeded to add a bunch of people on Twitter. Now, I can sort everyone into convenient groups. Yeah, sorting! I also got a book cataloging program and spent last night watching the Clerks cartoon and typing in keywords. Mmm... keywords.
Now if only I had shelves to put all those books on...
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Today we saw an accident en route to our weekly get together at [livejournal.com profile] anghara's. A pickup with an untethered husky in the bed made a left hand turn without yielding, and got clipped by a lady in a van. We saw it and turned around to help her. No one else did, and she was a little rattled, if unhurt. Coming back from Alma's, we passed the intersection, which was littered with bits of broken headlight. We discussed the accident and how awful the guy with the husky was. Just beyond it, we stopped at a light under the overpass, we saw a husky lying on the sidewalk, unmoving. We all freaked out, but then the dog lifted its head, and revealed itself to just be a dog who thought the sidewalk was a great place to sleep. Its leash was firmly in the hands of a bum, curled up asleep, and hidden by the concrete freeway supports.

With all the Iran Twitter stuff going on, [livejournal.com profile] csinman has been getting really excited about using Twitter for the forces of good. Immediately after the accident, he noted that the cops could have a local Twitter feed where they could send out notices a la Amber Alerts. Someone down the road who never saw the accident could get the notice to look for a blue pickup with a husky in the back and take down the license plate number.


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