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I don't suppose the internet knows...
My order for Black Blade Blues (from B&N online) has been delayed. I want the book by John's signing on Saturday, but I also want his pre-order numbers to be as plump as can be. If I cancel the order, and just buy at the signing, will he lose my little tally?
Or do I suck up, get the book when I get the book, and have him sign it on one of the ten zillion other times I see him?
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Bull sharks leaping up river rapids like salmon. For real.
I'm listlessly researching river systems in hopes of finding cool setting stuff to get excited about, for the novel I'm starting. (Montana Book is temporarily set aside in favor of Fat Fantasy.) This imaginary river in particular has the geology of the Zambezi, but with the climate of the Danube. I want a floodplain to start with, but I'll probably just throw in a nice gorge and waterfall and make myself be content.

And salmon shark. I can't forget the salmon shark.

Brain melty

Sep. 8th, 2009 07:14 pm
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Do you need to know something about B-17 bombers or the WASPs? Because I've done nothing but read about them for the past 48 hours! Hopefully I'll be able to whip out some good stories from it.
There's a lot of interesting accounts from B-17 crewmembers on the internet. Every now and then I have the nagging doubt, "what if I should have gone with the B-29? I could have gotten away with a B-52!" But no, I've picked the B-17 for my WWII Flying Dutchman story, and I'd better well stick with it.
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Thankfully, I never published the book this is a prequel to. I'd be so screwed. I'm finally at the big battle scene that history (and a character who was present!)speaks of later. I just looked at that original book, and the long letter that described the battle and the events building up to it in detail. What I wrote then, and what I've spent the past couple months writing, are nothing alike. I write all my stories backwards. I don't know how I'll survive if I'm ever published. o_O
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And SLAM! At 86000 words, I just hit my first solid plot wall. (As in, I don't know what happens next, plot wall, as opposed to everything I usually angst about) I know what's beyond the wall, and I could cop out if I wanted to, but I need my hero to fail at something, and I need him to fail spectacularly. At the moment, I can only think of how to make him fail pathetically. Right now, my choices for him are: run, die, or successfully cripple the bad guy. None of these are acceptable. Likely, I just need to my icon and ask, "What Would Joker Do?"

Meh. I've got to clean the day-job office, and that's good for working out knots. I'm going back to Jo Beverley.

I also realized that, if I stick to the magical/metaphysical system of my world, there are times when my semi-amnesiac hero should regain the entirety of his memories. Warning, severe brain damage may occur (to him, not you.)
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I'm attacking the book 1 rewrite. If, by the end of the Labor Day write-a-thon, I haven't figured out what the heck I'm doing, I'm sending it out as-is.

The biggest problem is my watery antagonist. My heroes tend to be their own worst enemies, but that's no excuse not to have a kick-ass bad guy. Things get unnecessarily complicated as I twist everyone into the positions I need them in. And, I wasn't willing to let Secondary Bad Guy take any strong actions against the MC, because I want him to be all deep and complicated. "Well, I really don't like him...but I don't really want to kill him..." None of that anymore, Secondary Bad Guy. You can change your mind later, but right now you just want to kill him.
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My current project has three primary storylines, told through three different characters. I'm going over one of them right now, and am getting annoyed. I started this project a long time ago, and set it aside. Now I'm back, and while I love Bresizha's first two chapters, they're not very relevant to the plot, which has finally developed after all these years. However, they're very important to her character. Once upon a time, it was all important, because she stayed where she was and with the zillion people in that first chapter. Now, she leaves right away, and doesn't come back. (Hey, I've got the same problem in another story! Why can't my characters stay where they belong!)

Meh. I'm just whining. I've still got to finish the dang thing before I can clean up the beginning. God, it's a sloppy beginning all around.
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Spent this morning wrestling with my story, making sure my hero didn't run off with the janitor. (I probably should have made said janitor a random old man like I originally planned, rather than my Mary Sue.) But I got it in a headlock, bribed the janitor with lots of late-night fairy sex and a book of her own, and ended up with a much tighter story.


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