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Record lows are predicted for tonight across Western Washington.
I'm still trying to figure out if I like having seasons or not.
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Let the record show: my desk was 95.2 degrees when I left at 5pm today. My co-worker's like, "tomorrow, we're totally shutting down the department at noon."
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Temperature at my desk: 93.1.
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Don't worry too much about us up in Bellingham. We're not one of those towns that built themselves on a flood plain. >cough< Mt Vernon Centralia >cough<

It was raining wickedly last night, though. I ran into [ profile] spencimusprime on the bus back from Western, and usually I would have walked home from downtown so I could hang out with him while walking. Not in that weather! I let him suffer alone.

At home, the kitten and Teisel were hanging out in the upstairs bathroom for a long time. Eventually, I found the kitten in the hall, tail bristling, staring down the stairs. I brought him downstairs and cuddled him on the couch. He kept staring at the stairs. I triangulated the spot he was focused on, determined he was not afraid of the piece of ribbon tied to the banister, nor the plush cameleon. Sherlock Holmes-style, I determined it must be ghosts or fairies. Not a very helpful answer. Eventually the kitten calmed down, and Audrey decided the kitten was terrified because the upstairs bathroom was shaking and roaring with the storm.
Poor kitten. :-(


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