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Before Sunday, was Saturday. I've been having dreams of travel, so I decided to go somewhere I've never been (or remember having gone to, anyway). This meant Vashon Island. It's a good time of year to go, I suspect, since the weather wasn't too bad, but there also wasn't anyone else there. There also isn't anywhere to eat except a Mexican place, which I wasn't in the mood for. Turns out the town is off in the middle of the island rather than conveniently placed at the ferry dock. So I had a yummy lunch of Orange Crush and Knotts Berry Farm Cookies out of a vending machine.

Here's a sleepy sea anemone
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Sunday, I was still in a photography mood, and I wanted something industrial. So I decided to aim for the Ballard Locks, which I haven't been to since I was a kid. I figured I'd take the bus to the bridge, then walk the mile or so to the locks through the waterfront industrial zone. That went mostly well, though I started to feel uneasy as I had to take a detour through the farmer's market. Maybe it was the crowds, maybe it was a sugar crash from the yummy cookie dough chocolate bar I got at Trader Joes, maybe it was a miasma of evil infecting me when I walked past Mars Hill Church. In any case, I headed home. But I got a few decent shots.

Geometry and plumbing!


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Today, I got a fair amount of writing in, on top of a nice exploring walk. I achieved one of my goals--walking across the I-90 Lake Washington Bridge! 1.6 miles from shore to Mercer Island, high above rippling black water. And, to get there, I had to walk down this path lined with philosophical quotes from Jung and Nietzche, and then a ridiculously long tunnel. And then the unending expanse of highway cacophony and wind. I was thinking, "this must be what Purgatory is." Of course, I didn't truly discover Purgatory until I got to the generically upscale suburban wasteland that is Mercer Island.

Life Update

Nov. 7th, 2010 10:09 am
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I haven't been making any substantial posts lately because my poor old MacBook died. I'm still holding out hope for the little thing, but any potential resurrections will have to wait until I have more money. In the meantime, I got my beloved old NEC MobilePro up and running to write Nano on. I can't find my memory card, so I have no idea how I'll get the words OFF the MobilePro, but that's a problem for the future.
But yesterday, my dad got me "an early Christmas present," a wonderfully cheap Toshiba laptop. So far, I'm happy with it. He also found me a free program that lets me get files off my Mac-formatted external hard drive.

I am, alas, behind in Nanowrimo. I figured I'd catch up this weekend, but yesterday was taken up with the aforementioned new laptop, and the evening was filled with other awesomeness.
[ profile] awriter and I went to the Radio Museum's annual benefit, which this year was themed as a 40s era USO dance. I forgot until the last minute, so I was about the only one there not dressed up. Every single person there looked awesome, and it was worth the seven bucks just to ogle all the gals in satin and back-seamed stockings, and guys in fedoras and patent leather shoes. And, there were free Rocket Donuts and awesome music and, of course, the museum itself.

And then, rather than go home and write like a sensible person, we stopped by [ profile] plunderpuss's to take him and the dog for a walk to the marina. The wind was awesome last night, and it makes music on the boats. Also, in the little sheltered area that contains the marine science center, the wind had blown leaves into perfect, sharp-edged piles. We totally ran through them! And that's why we love autumn around here.
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So I'm heading home from work, deciding which route I want to take. I consider going to the marina to try out the workout equipment they've got there. However, I'm starving, and decide I want to see Iron Man 2. So I go home, check the movie times, and head for the bus. The bus, unfortunately, can only get me there 45 minutes early, so I spontaneously decide to walk out to the mall. It's only a twenty minute walk, and I'd like the exercise.

As soon as I open the door to the mall, I think, "Did I actually check which theatre it's at?" No, I didn't. Turns out, it's not at this one. But, I've got loads of time, and can take a bus to the other big theatre. I wait a few minutes, rummage through my purse, and can't find my cash. (a ten and a one, which hey! I still can't find.) There's 5, but the bus is in five minutes, and I don't have enough time to get change. I run to a nearby vending machine, but it doesn't take fives. So hell, I'll walk to Sunset Square. There's another showing 30 minutes after the one I'm aiming for, anyways.

Forty minutes and one short cut detour that didn't work out, I'm at Sunset Square where, lo! Iron Man 2 is not playing. I guess it's actually at the little theatre that usually only shows end runs and artsy stuff.

I'm annoyed at my missing 11 bucks, but I'll survive. I got some good exercise, and a good laugh at myself.
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Oof. Planned on walking to a place I'd never been, but ended up not doing that. Too hungry from putting off lunch so I could buy a sexy dress on sale. But I did manage to do a lot of walking down hot, breezeless trails with no bathrooms. Fortunately, I achieved my goal of sitting in the shade in a breezy park while reading Ray Bradbury and drinking cold drinks. Bonus cute puppy who wasn't jumpy or barky!

Dude! [ profile] spencimusprime thinks I'm at the Black Drop.
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I walked to Fairhaven today to pick up the Cherie Priest book I ordered. Just outside the bookstore, on the village green, sat a young St. Bernard wearing a ridiculously large barrel around its neck. I was pondering whether this was the cutest or most disturbing thing I'd ever seen when the dog stood up and received a smack on its rump with the folded leash for it. Thus I received my answer.

Later, I was in my favorite secret spot, attempting to eat an apricot. I was able to take a bite right out of it, and the texture barely bugged me. But it tasted so bitter, I had to spit it out. Nevertheless, I was very happy.

I also had a paper bag with a multi-grain ciabatta sandwich sitting on it, all atop a rock covered in ladybugs and aphids. I was very careful every time I took a bite, because the seeds encrusting the roll looked like bugs. :-( I sat there for a long time reading [ profile] cmpriest's book. When I was done, I went to put the last half of my sandwich back in the bag. Alas, the bag was covered in 50-100 little green aphids. I tried shaking them off, fruitlessly. I could put the sandwich in the bag the apricot came in, and leave both aphids and bag behind. But I didn't want to litter! Or, I could put the aphids in my purse. >:( Fortunately, I discovered that a firm tap sent the bugs flying.

Then I walked to Marine Park, which has the best, softest grass for lying in. Just off shore, a half-dozen people played kayak basketball, which looks damned hard, since the baskets are atop six-foot-high buoys which are constantly swaying.


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