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I learned something yesterday!
I was looking at the bee specimens at the Science Center, hoping to see the one I got an awesome shot of earlier this year. Turns out I got a bee mimic. Some kind of fly. The eyes are bigger, the antenna are totally different (bees are more conventional, mine has those nifty blobby things) and bees have two pairs of wings, while flies have one.
And that's your entomology of the day.



Jan. 7th, 2012 09:22 pm
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Today, I finally got around to getting a membership at the Pacific Science Center. Now I can visit the butterflies any time I want! Also, I look forward to finding out if laser shows are as guilty a pleasure as I think they're going to be. I also took advantage of this to get a discount on Mission Impossible 4 at the IMAX (which actually isn't much, if any more expensive than the other local theaters.)
First, of course, I toured the Science Center proper, which has a nice mix of the same stuff I remember as a kid (those creepy sniffy bottles!), new stuff (naked mole rats! axlotls!) and new versions of old stuff. The first time I remember going there, they had animatronic dinosaurs, which were the most magical things this little girl had ever seen. Now, they have more animatronic dinosaurs, which are clicky and clunky, but are still totally awesome.

I am so going to spend weekend afternoons there just staring at naked mole rats chewing on concrete and stepping on their sleeping comrades faces. (A sleeping mole-rat looks stone dead, by the way. They lie on their backs with all four legs in the air, like some cartoon character.)

The movie itself rocked, especially on the ginormous screen. You know the tower-climbing sequence in the trailer and the posters? Totally pants-pissing. Even though you know perfectly well that Tom Cruise isn't going to chip a single nail, vertigo is vertigo, and holy crap, that's a lot of open space.
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There's a fair amount of talk going on right now about rogue planets wandering about between the stars. None of this surprises me in the least, because when I was high school physics, we had to mess around with a solar system building program. It was THE BANE OF MY HIGH SCHOOL CAREER. Even the physics nerds were getting frustrated with it. Every single time you set something up, all the planets would go rocketing out into space.
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While looking up maps of Glacial Lake Missoula, I ended up on a Creation Science webpage.

"Although a major mystery of uniformitarian history, the Ice Age is readily explained by the climatic consequences of the Genesis Flood—it was a short Ice Age of about 700 years, and there was only one Ice Age.22 We do not need the hundred thousand years for one ice age, or the few million years for multiple ice ages, as claimed by uniformitarian scientists."


Jul. 16th, 2009 11:41 am
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Scored myself a 10$ tripod at Aladdin's Antiques, along with a couple old, old sf mags for 5$ each.

Saturday night, Saturn is mine! Bwa ha aha!
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I got my galileoscope in the mail today. Assembling it myself was satisfying, and holding the crystal clear lenses was an unexpected thrill.

Now I just need a tripod and a dark, clear night. I spent a couple minutes balancing the danged thing on my shoulder, trying to project an out of focus image of the sun onto a piece of paper to show Chelsea that it could be done.

I don't suppose anyone has a tripod they want to get rid of?
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According to a guide we're printing ("Living With Heart Failure"), the exertion of sex is equivalent to walking up two flights of stairs at a moderate pace.
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So geeky, it hurts.


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