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Yesterday, when [ profile] awriter and I were walking across the Whatcom Creek estuary, we looked down at the mud flat beneath us and saw a laptop--an HP, squashed and half-buried in low-tide muck.
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I wonder if the cats are like certain fundamentalist Christians, who think that non-christians haven't converted simply because they've never heard of Jesus and the Bible*. The cats sit longingly at the door, glancing at us imploringly--do they think, "if only they understood that we want OUT when we sit here. We don't want not-out, as they seem to think. If only we could let them know!"

*Which is, "BIB LA" in Haiti. I saw a picture recently and thought, "ha ha, in Haiti they can't afford kerning." Then I thought better, looked it up and felt silly.
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1. We finally had our, "we finished a novel!" party last night. Myself, [ profile] csinman, [ profile] kehrli, [ profile] mcjulie and [ profile] spencimusprime all have workable drafts. There were clams and cupcakes, lots of sparkling fruit beverages and fun. Much time was spent making two-year-old Adia repeat combinations of the words, "fox" and "shirt." San, Julie and I all read zombie scenes from our various novels.

2. I put an incredibly shiny pink flamingo theme on Firefox! Flamingo pink, I discover, is a nice shade, more melon than artificial cotton candy pink.

3. I did a count and discovered I've maintained my goal of writing an average of five hundred words a day this month. Yesterday and today, I've written 2,000 words of Alsabeta interacting with her kids. I'm in love with it, but I've also no idea how mothers and kids interact. Fortunately, I have readers with kids.

4. I really can't get streaming video to work smoothly on my computer, and it sucks because I've discovered that mending my shirts while watching Hulu is fun. If I could get Hulu to work, I might finally get off my lazy ass and watch an episode of Buffy.

5. I found a book of Catullus in the free book box. He's articulate, and full of insults and obscenities!
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You know something I find irrationally disturbing? The quaking sound a cat's body makes as it stretches.
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My friends list was getting out of control again, so I divided up the "Industry" filter into "Industry" and "Know." If I've met you at a con, and ate with you and/or played a game with you, you're on the "Know" filter.


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