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I did two exciting things today: practiced driving a stick on hills, and raided the Goodwill. I did well driving until I actually had to start up at stop sign on a hill. Suddenly, there were a billion people behind me, the car kept rolling back, and I freaked. After waving everyone past, I let Rachel Lyn take over. I'm willing to be patient with myself.

We proceeded to, first the regular Goodwill, and then the outlet Goodwill, where you rummage through giant bins of clothes, buy them by the pound, and then have the fierce desire to rub yourself down with sandpaper. And thus I spent the rest of my birthday money on pants, a couple books and cds, kitchen supplies and an adorable skin tight green dress that only people who date me will probably ever get to see.
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Midsummer's Eve I spent with my friend Liz, visiting the Salvation Army to buy hawaiian shirts for the Locus Awards. We were charged with getting a couple for [ profile] kehrli, and much energy was spent debating if a shirt was ugly enough for him. One wasn't even a proper hawaiian shirt, just covered in cartoon hams. We weren't sure if it was a true Keffy shirt, but I made the executive decision that whether it was or wasn't a Keffy shirt, we wouldn't get it, simply because I didn't want to have to look at Keffy wearing it.

In addition to the shirts, I scored some handmade Italian leather shoes for 5$. They're super comfy. Plus, I just like that I'm wearing men's shoes. :-)

However, when I reached my building, I discovered that in my haste to meet up with Liz, I'd left my keys at work. Twilight on the stoop was nice, if mosquito-filled. Keffy was already on his way to pick up the shirts we'd bought him, so I simply returned with him to his place, despite his protests that his couch was covered in cat pee. Turns out, it smelled mildly of cleaning products, and that was it (at least to my insensitive nose.)

I spent the solstice itself putting tabs in books at work (after two days, I'm almost done!) and looking forward to not having to lug around a huge bag of Salvation Army clothes and jars of satay sauce from Uwajimaya.


May. 29th, 2011 09:34 am
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I had a nice, busy day yesterday. After discovering ants in my kitchen, I headed out to get some traps. This happened in a very roundabout fashion, as I got waylaid by an estate sale and had to lug home a 20$ set of drawers. It's going to be perfect for keeping my craft supplies in, and was great exercise. I can totally feel it in my arms and back this morning. :-)
In the afternoon, I went to Folklife, which was having a Bulgarian singing workshop I desperately wanted to attend. I keep meaning to join a choir, since I totally miss singing. There was well over a hundred people there, and I learned some fascinating stuff. I've been trained to mostly use my head voice, while Bulgarian music focuses on the chest. It's really, really hard to do that if you've been trained like me. Our instructor was Tsvetanka Varimezova, who's renowned back in Bulgaria. Afer hearing her sing, I realized she's on some of the CDs I own. She's the lead singer in this, which is a beautiful example of why I love this music so much:

This one is just her, but though the sound quality isn't the best, it's a great example of her capabilities.

She was excellent at getting her point across in few words. Those trills aren't that hard to do!
Anyway, this was the song we learned:

Afterwards, I wandered the rest of the festival for a bit. I wish I had some money to spend, but I gave myself a budget of 5$, and stuck to it. There was lots and lots of wonderful music everywhere, from a little girl playing the trombone by herself in a corner, to a barbershop quartet on stage, to some bagpipers and drummers playing Happy Birthday for a friend. Eventually, the crowds overwhelmed me, and I went home.
I worked on my webpage at home, and ended the evening with The Godfather. I've never seen it, because I either never remember to get it at the video store, or I'm not in the mood. I thought it was good, though not Blow Me Away Good. (Though Al Pacino was amazing, considering that was his first major role.) I think that about most of what are widely considered to be the best movies ever, like Citizen Kane and Casablanca. They just don't hit my particular buttons.
I'm not sure what I'll do today. Probably more research for WWII, since I'm in the mood for that. Maybe check out Folklife some more.
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A very nice day yesterday. Actually, I haven't posted in a while, have I? It's been a very nice weekend.

Friday I had a job interview in downtown Seattle. While making it a weekend and visiting friends and family would have been nice, not spending fifty bucks on travel would be even nicer. And so it worked out that my dear friend R had to go down for appointments of his own, and I tagged along. I hung out and worked on my laptop while he did his things, and basically got to relax with free donuts. When we got to the address of my interview, I realized it was the Columbia Tower, aka the tallest building in Seattle. This has me irrationally excited. We had half an hour, so we indulged in the underground parking and headed to the observation deck.

The interview itself went well. The owner of the copy shop used to own The Copy Source up here in Bellingham, and we knew a lot of the same people. I should find out today if I get it. For various reasons, it's a job that makes me both excited and reluctant, so I won't be too disappointed if the answer is no, but I'll also be delirious if it's yes.

Saturday was spent making up for the fact that i missed [ profile] awriter's birthday. I made brownies and sent the birthday girl off to get whatever movies she wanted. (I wanted to go myself, and run a few other errands while I was at it, but this cold I've been fighting off had me wiped out all Saturday morning.) We had [ profile] plunderpuss and [ profile] lordseamus over and watched Onmyoji I and II.

I spent Sunday morning mostly relaxing, reading Conan, and going over a nice interactive Javascript tutorial online. When afternoon came, I descended downstairs to discover my roommate Kes preparing to clean the living room to make way for the Christmas tree. Audrey and I joined in, and soon we had a nice clean downstairs. (My bedroom, however, is by far another matter...)

Two of Kes' friends came over. We decorated the tree with just the right mix of classy and personal ornaments, drank spiced cider with rum, and cocoa with peppermint schnapps. We watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and one of the Doctor Who Christmas Specials. After all that, I made everyone watch clips off of YouTube of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

And after all that, I walked over to the house of some other friends to eat pasta and play Scattergories.
My life has just been full of my favorite type of socializing--relaxing in small groups. I've even gotten in each kind of friend--old friends, brand new friends (Kes' friends) and people I've sort of known but want to get better (the Scattergories crowd))

And on top of all this, I heard back from another job I applied for. It's contract work, which I think will be done at home, so even if I get the other job I interviewed for, I can still do this one, too.

Of course, even though the Universe was kind enough to give me a wonderfully recharging weekend, I'm distrustful of my happiness, since I suspect that depression will crash in again, particularly once I go back to my current day job. Nevertheless, I do my best to live in the moment, and treasure the sparks of pleasure I occasionally feel.
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... because I feel like procrastinating. Actually, I'm putting off the second go of line edits because I'm moody and I know that I don't want to start off my writing career with being grumpy about line edits. I've got some time yet.

Mainly, I just wanted to say I'm grateful that I have a north-facing room, that's not too hot. It's actually pretty nice out right now. In a couple minutes, I'm going to lay in the grass in the shade in the backyard and read a book. I've been plowing through several books. It feels so nice! I'm actually reading books that have been lying around for years. I'm actually reading books by people I've known for years but haven't gotten to.

I also wanted to say that Rachel Scholes, the larger but younger twin child of [ profile] kenscholes calls me Kitty Cat. (Actually, it's more like "kee-kat") It would appear there are three things in the Universe--Mama, Dada and Kee-Kat. I fall under the great umbrella of Kee-Kat.

I encountered this year-old bundle of Kee-Kat when I visited Portland for Jaycon. I visited with friends, suffered through vuvuzelas, and played with sparklers, the latter of which I haven't done since I was a kid. I was extremely disappointed. Whatever happened to the actual sparkly kind that spray white-hot bits of metal everywhere? These were like a very pathetic blow torch.

I'd also like to say that if you haven't yet seen The Hurt Locker, put it off until the next 4th of July. You'll get the real full surround sound experience.
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On my desk is a little crumb-covered plate which once held the bagel I had for breakfast. I just cleared one of my long hairs from it. Immediately afterwards, I was staring vacantly in the direction of this plate, pondering the novel I'm working on. Suddenly, I saw the hair I'd just cleared away. Then it vanished. My heart raced. WTF? Was I seeing through time? I stared again, more intently. It happened again. Just a flash. A thin, dark line looping over the edge of the plate.

A third time, and I figured it out.

Right beside the plate is a tiny plastic cup which hold the tiny elastic bands I tie my braids with. It's clear plastic, but the rim is viewed edge-on, and looks white against the dark brown of my desk. The hair I saw was an afterimage of that white line, seen as my eyes twitched naturally.

I like these moments. They give me material for when I have to write characters' "What the hell is going on?!?" moments.

Speaking of which...what the hell is that scratching outside my second story window?
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Today I:

Tried out a faux french braid that I learned last night from the awesome Torrin Paige of Youtube.

Read an article that says that doing either good or bad things increases your willpower.

Which reminded me that I should check up on my Kiva loans. I had 15$ credit, so I added 10 and made a loan to a Mongolian butcher woman.

Then I looked at this lovely list of post-apocalyptic clothes and decided I'd dress up today.

And so I discovered how far I can walk in my pretty fake-Mongol boots, which is, to the Grocery Outlet, one-way.

Went to the Grocery Outlet and used my new EBT card.
Took the bus home.

Straightened the garage and found the hedge clippers!

Clipped the pampas grass out front! Barely got cut at all!

Started the process of cleaning my little aquarium. I need a new filter and light bulb, but when it's ready, I'm going to steal [ profile] spencimusprime's betta.

Took a shower, and now I'm sitting here letting my hair air dry and chatting to friends.

Got a membership to Worldcon 2011!

Preordered Black Blade Blues and The Rise of Renegade X by my dear roommate, Chelsea Campbell. (Preordered through the University Bookstore, because that's where she's having her kickass launch party.)

Right now, the plan is to put on real clothes and go sort books downstairs. (I found a slightly bedraggled bookshelf in the alley I'm going to attempt to set up.) I'm kind of happy sitting here, though. But if I take steps to do the one last thing on my to do list, I'll have absolutely no qualms about lying on the floor tonight watching Season 4 of Babylon 5.
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We had to teach cats how to swim because the Australian Secret Police was after them. In the dream, "cats naturally suck water into their glands when submerged." However, we were able to overcome this, and proved how naturally fit cat were to underwater living because of the way their noses were shaped. There were many scenes of cats gracefully twirling underwater and poking their noses up to breathe.

Today is the total and complete opposite of last Friday. It's so quiet, I'm terrified I'm missing something. It's also my last day running the department by myself, and I kind of wish it would end soon.

I caught a rejection in my spam folder. I go through phases where I'm good and bad at checking the dang thing. It's got me freaked out that I might miss (might have already missed!) something important.

A pirate walks into a bar, with a steering wheel sticking out of his pants. The bartender notices the oddly placed gadget, and inquires, “Why do you have a steering wheel in the front of your pants?” The pirate replies, “Yarrr, it’s drivin’ me nuts!”

Mental Health:
It's my off week for birth control, so maybe that's why I haven't been freaking out. It's been a pleasant, neutral week. (For those who don't know, my insurance swapped brands on me, and it's doing to me what they steering wheel's doing to the above pirate.)
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I'm disappointed that frozen M&Ms aren't as hard as I thought they'd be. But I'm sure that if they were frozen at forty degrees below zero, they'd be totally hardcore.
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Holy crap, there must be, like, catnip at the thrift store. Teisel came in my room to obsessively sniff everything, and when he poked his head into my bag of recently acquired thrift shop treasure, he eagerly patted at the tissue paper and suddenly was perky and wide-eyed!

In other news, I finally felt like working on Green Night again, after a craft-filled hiatus. I was poking at a new scene when I realized, "when I was at Whistler, I came up with a whole new cool way this scene would go. Where's my notes?" Well...not in the computer, as it turns out. Apparantly they're still in the notebook I scribbled in while walking on bear poop covered trails. So I frantically searched for my ladybug notebook, my current primary note repository. Found it. No Whistler notes. Wait, the notebook had to be small enough to fit in my hoody pouch. I must have used the fuzzy purple notebook! Of course, because I remember telling my parents the amusing story of how I acquired it, since "I stepped on a cookie!" was still scrawled on the first page.
I know I saw that notebook somewhere when I went through every single thing I owned this last week. Where did I put it? Who the hell knows? It probably just fell down the same black hole where my hidden cache of beads is. Somewhere, there is a pirate treasure of notes, just waiting to be found.
I don't want to go through every single thing I own again. ;_;
[EDIT And only moments later, I triumph! It was in with my dirty laundry!]
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I totally just did two things I haven't done since I was, at most, a teenager: machine sewing and ironing. I finally bought some iron-on patches to fix my ten zillion pairs of holey-crotched jeans, and used the opportunity to iron my sad linen pants. Used the sewing machine to fix more crotch holes in my cargo pants.

I got a white board/cork board. On the cork board are pinned two cards--one listing things I must do at least two of each day (writing/reading/critting stuff) and one listing long term stuff that I can do if I have down time. Stuff like catalog my books. The white board has short term to do stuff. At the top of the list, after having the board for a week, is "buy white board cleaner."

Anyway, it's totally helped my productivity.

Good news!

Aug. 6th, 2009 09:04 pm
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I got a new SmartMedia card for my camera. I can now take a grand total of 36 photos at once!

I also finally found my copy of Eileen Gunn's short story collection! I'm been fussing over this ever since I decided to read all the short stories I can. It was in one of the many piles of books littering my room. This one was two columns deep and atop the boxes I store my various spiritual paraphenalia in. I had the burning desire to cover my altar with candles, so I had to access the boxes. The pile of books snuggled into my beanbag chair, and remain there even now. My eyes passed over the title, "Stable Strategies," which I assumed was one of the many random poly sci books I find in the free book box. On top was [ profile] difrancis's "The Black Ship." Now, my subconscious brain put a few things together:
1) The thought, "I'm pretty sure I bought The Black Ship at the U Bookstore the same time I bought Eileen Gunn's book."
2) The word, "Gunn" in big yellow letters on the same spine as "Stable Strategies."
All this led me to say out loud, "I wonder if Eileen's book is in that pile."
This, in turn, led me to actually look closer and feel like an idiot.
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Places that take exactly the length of The Doors' song, "The End" to walk to:

My work, from the old House of Entropy.
The grocery store and back, from The Nightmare House.
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I finally got a Twitter client that doesn't piss me off. The first one I tried was convenient and discrete, but for some reason didn't have scroll arrows.
Anyways, I got TweetDeck, and proceeded to add a bunch of people on Twitter. Now, I can sort everyone into convenient groups. Yeah, sorting! I also got a book cataloging program and spent last night watching the Clerks cartoon and typing in keywords. Mmm... keywords.
Now if only I had shelves to put all those books on...
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Not too bad of a day.
Last night was part 2 of my novel critique. Again, it went well, but fixing the novel will likely require some personality tweaking. I'm way, way too sensitive, and as a result, writing (and often, reading) highly emotional stuff is almost literally physically painful for me. It's all super magnified for me. As a result, my character interactions are way too subtle, and if I go too far (by my definition) it feels false and overly dramatic. This, I need to get over. So I tried to write a histrionic scene today. Time and my critique group will tell if I'm successful.

While writing this, some Wendy Carlos came on over Pandora. She did a lot of the music in A Clockwork Orange, and was an early pioneer of electronic music. I worship her. Full of desire, I headed out in search of her work (iTunes produced nothing, damn them). My first stop was Henderson's Books, where I ended up getting the second season of Carnivale for 12$. Score! God only knows if they had any Wendy Carlos. Their music selection is barely organized, and piled two deep behind glass.
Then, on to the big used music store. I didn't realize how big their DVD section was. Immediately, I saw the first season of Carnivale, and nearby, the second season of Deadwood. Second score!

As I was paying, the clerk asked me if I wanted anything else, and that's when I remembered the original reason I came! I ran to the soundtrack section, and glory hallejuah, they had Clockwork Orange. And not just the soundtrack, but Wendy Carlos' original, remastered score, containing her own original vision for the movie which got trimmed a little for Kubrick's purposes.

So today, I got in writing, room cleaning, washed that neat little fake-PVC dress I got at the clothing exchange at Norwescon, AND cleared the library table of books (just like I promised Keffy). I got [ profile] kaerfel and [ profile] awriter to watch the first episode of Carnivale, and now I can relax, just me and Wendy Carlos.
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My to-do list for this weekend:

Clean room

Fix taxes-- Confusion over my economic stimulus payment. So now, instead of getting a rebate, I have to pay. Just 71$--less then past years--but I'm still a little annoyed.

Clean fishtank

Return library books

Call Dad

Transplant plants, make clippings-- Baby pothos!

Embroider and watch stuff-- I figured I'd be doing this on my own, but we watched Dexter.

Catalog books-- This probably isn't going to get done. :-P

Read non-fiction for an hour I read articles about Hatshepsut and religion in Russia in National Geographic.

Start reading Eyes Like Stars-- This morning I realized this needs priority, since I'll likely be seeing Lisa Mantchev at Norwescon next weekend.

1 OWW critique-- I'm in the mood to get back on, and so I did!
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WHen I look out my window, the scene, the textures --a tree covered in red and yellow leaves, grey shingles on a shed, a weathered fence-- are shifting in three perfectly straight bars. Why? I've got a dreamcatcher on my window with mirrors dangling from it, and the reflections of the outside are reflecting back to me on the window. Twice, in fact, since it's a double-paned window.


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