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The Black Drop's up for Best Coffee Shop in Western Washington. Go vote!
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My roommate, Chelsea, is on Amazon!
She squees here.
Go preorder it! Why should you? What is this marvelous book? Find out here!

Also, Other Roommate, Keffy, has had a great month. His story about a zombie in washing machine is in Sybil's Garage right now, go get it while you can!


Jay Lake is having flash fiction contest using my photo from the estuary as an inspiration. I get to inspire people! There's lots of great entries already. Go read and enter yourself!

Holy smokes, I'm worn out. This calls for going to bed early with a book.
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At last, I have a website I'm relatively happy with. It's here for now. I'm with Freeservers right now, and though I'm not sure if I should stick with them, they've been fine so far. Let me know what your experience with web servers have been like.
This is definitely a beta version of my site. I've only got a basic grasp of html and css, so I may well be missing something. (Many thanks to [ profile] csinman for helping me fix stuff.) There should be a graphic with my name at the top, which seems to be missing when I look at it in Firefox. Let me know if you see it, or have any ideas what the heck I should do.
[EDIT: Graphic fixed. Thanks, Tara!]

Also, I linked to a bunch of people, since I had no idea what else to stick in my sidebar. If you don't want to be there, or want me to link to something different, let me know.

This is it for now. Soon I'll have a real domain name of my own. <3
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I got the lawnmower to work! For some inscrutable reason, only one person in my house could get the lawnmower to start. This doesn't stop me from trying, because DANGIT, IT SHOULD WORK! And lo! Today it did, and thus, I mowed the morning glories.

A certain someone in my circle has just made their first pro sale, and that has me twitchy about my own short story output. I glared at my idea/snippet file until one of them turned into flash fiction. Poof! Now I feel better.

Heck, I felt better after mowing the lawn. Now I just need to fix my mom's Walmart hem, and I'll be on top of the world.

In other news, I put $25 in a loan at Kiva, because when I feel poor, I donate money. (Though technically, I'm loaning, not donating. I don't think you can do this sort of thing, though, with any expectations. It's a donation, pure and simple.) I think there's a strange mix of forces at play when I do that. The alchemical idea of sowing gold to reap a golden harvest later, the image of the widow at the temple, being praised by Jesus for giving what few coins she had. Those are the selfish motivations, which really are irrational, except possibly on the deepest unconscious level. Virtuous motivations go without saying. There's a financial zone, I think, where I forget to give charity. Above a certain security, I think, "I have bonus money, what should I do with it!" and of course, part of that is to give. But there's also where I'm at right now, which, while not poor, is an anxious, insecure state. When I encounter opportunities to spend money, and that opportunity is a charity, I have to ask myself the question, Is, 'because I want to hoard my money in case I need it later (and go to World Fantasy!)' a reason to deny a bunch of industrious women in Bolivia the chance to improve their own lives?

And using that logic, I'm going to buy one of my friend Fenmere's Universal Drawing Straps, a nifty doodad he's worked up. Check it out! He's a good guy, a great artist (you can get clipboards with his art on it!) and a hard worker. Not only can you go to Kiva and help out random people start businesses in random corners of the world, you can help someone you know (by two degrees of separation) start a business.
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Blind Eye books is giving away a copy of their anthology, Tangle. [ profile] csinman has two illustrations in it. EDIT, [ profile] csinman has two promotional illustrations available on behalf of the book.)
Go sign up!
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Home from Norwescon. Had lots of fun, met fun new people and saw fun old people. I actually saw the guest of honor! (Dan Simmons!) Twice! And the special guest of honor! (Naomi Novik). First year that's happened. Spent a minimum amount of money.

On the way back, we stopped for dinner at [ profile] kehrli's parent's house. We got to dig through boxes of books from Keffy's childhood and coo over her old Serendipity books. Morgan Morning was always my favorite.

[ profile] lisamantchev gave out samples from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. They're a great bunch of scents, each picked to relate to her book. I think they were: Ophelia, Fey, Tempest, Belle Epoque, and Jolly Roger. So, to hear a great story and pick up some sweet swag, go to Lisa's reading at the next Norwescon.


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