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Okay, so I didn't actually take a lot of pictures of the workshop proper. I did, however, get a lot of shots of the local landscape and wildlife--both Martha's Vineyard and Boston.

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Here's the few decent pictures I got from [ profile] q13_exe's wedding. My camera is clearly not designed for indoor usage.
The wedding was held at the American Museum of Radio and Electricity, one of Bellingham's true wonders. The event proper was held in a big room with access to the whole rest of the museum, which we had to ourselves. Electric phrenology! Leyden jars! Sparky things! Booby bells!
And of course, the theremin. <3 (aka the source of the woobly creepy music in old movies.)
That place just screams Book Launch Party.

The wedding itself wasn't so much as a ceremony as a party that a couple people happened to get married at. It was loads of fun.

Pics behind the cut
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I'm going to a steampunk themed wedding soon, and I've been flailing around for an outfit. I have to keep things cheap. Today I found a battered pith helmet for 5 bucks at the antique store.
Behind the cut are some shots I took on my crappy laptop camera. The gauzy stuff partially hides the fact that the fabric coating is wearing off in back. Yeah, red's not too steampunky, but it's all I've got.
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Pictures from the walk to work today. There were hundred of googly eyes scattered in front of a door. What more can be said? After the cut are salmon in Whatcom Creek.


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At the start of the summer, Keffy noted that he had weekends off, and that we should do a bunch of hiking. As it turns out, we never got around to doing this, and Keffy's schedule went all wonky anyways. Sunday I pointed out our earlier goal, and we decided to go on Wednesday, rather than a weekend that Sän and Keffy wouldn't have off anyway.

This meant it was wonderfully quiet and uncrowded, the hikers consisting of mostly retired folks. It was one of those wonderful Washington days where the clouds are wild and erratic, and the sun comes and goes as fast as the rain. Rain was light and, except for marking up my camera lens in a couple shots, perfect. Views were patchy, but beautiful nevertheless. The guidebook said when you reached the top of Skyline Ridge, you got a body-popping wow. I imagine that if the clouds were gone, you totally would. Eventually the clouds lifted to show the ankles of Mount Baker, and I was able to drool through my binoculars at the basalt and glaciers.

There were mushrooms. Lots and lots of mushrooms. Lots of cool textures which internetizing destroys. Check out the large size for a slightly better look.


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Inventory currently consists of seven 90-100% done tiaras and three half-done ones. Soon final tweaks will be complete and I'll get an Etsy shop.
Adding up the costs of my initial supply run, plus airfare and estimates for World Fantasy, my loan to myself stands at $ 578.12.
Dear god, I hope I'm not crazy. I'm having fun, at least.

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Inspired by [ profile] jaylake, I'm posting some pictures of my childhood.

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May. 3rd, 2008 01:41 pm
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I've got a widget on my work computer that shows the Mount Saint Helens webcam. One day, I saw this:

And it went on:

One I missed

The VolcanoCam blog said this:
"A big thanks to all of your for the kind words about our mysterious guest who showed up yesterday in front of the VolcanoCam Classic camera. He is still there today and appears to be in need of hot chocolate. We've done some investigative work and identified the story behind our visitor. He apparently hitched a ride with a Forest Service maintenance crew as they are now begin to prepare the Johnston Ridge Observatory (JRO) for reopening sometime this spring (summer?). Current snow depths at the JRO are more than 20-30 feet so the work to clear snow is difficult, dangerous, and arduous."
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Visual of my nano.

From the whiteboard at our Nano meetings.

The stick person with the things coming out of their head is Princess En Li, Mary Sue from beyond the sea. The black thing is supposed to be a vampire with a gun, but in truth, none of the vampires in the army have guns. Frankly, I think the muskets are so inaccurate, it would be a waste of a good superhuman. My story is closer to, vampires with minions with guns. Or even better, vampires with minions with ships with cannons.

The red one is Horaci, Official Hero, and the orange triangle-thing is Juri, Tranny-With-Fireballs, who actually rebelled against the dress after five minutes.

There also appears to be something even further in the background, I'm not sure what. Probably a lone member of the demon army, or maybe Mlohota the Green, fountain of angst and misleading foreshadowing.


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