Nov. 9th, 2010 10:08 pm
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So the downside of my MobilePro is that it doesn't have Write or Die on it. Writing in that mindless style is good for getting the irrational, emotional tone my main character needs. I finally gave in and used it on my big laptop, even though I'll have to retype the words to get them back on the little one. But hey, now I have a thousand words I wrote in half an hour, and a Write or Die headache!


Nov. 18th, 2009 07:11 pm
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Current Nano stats:
15,432 words total
857 words a day average (I need 833 to maintain my goal of half-Nano speed.)
Total stories completed: 4 (1,621; 414 ; 2261 ; 3481 words, respectively.)
Poems written: 3
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73408 / 50000 words. 147% done!

I'm happy, but d00d, Keffy's awesomer.

In five and a half hours, we watched Keffy write 21,000 words. I'm sure a pleasantly delirious report will follow. At first I had a vague goal of writing a thousand words to hit 70,000. I tapped half-heartedly until I noticed (thanks to the blessed gods of Nano who allowed me to use the usually-locked university wireless!) my arch-enemy, Dormouse (who probably doesn't know he's my arch-enemy) had leapt ahead to 72,900. So I had to start typing like Keffy. I'd been going pretty slow, so 1500 words an hour seemed like a long shot. But I dove into dialogue, with a good dash of info-dumping that actually might be well-done. San told me to write a page of porfanity when I started pouting. I inserted a sudden outburst from the hero which refused to turn into profanity. I think he might say "shit" somewhere in this book, and that's profound character deveopment for him. But even if he didn't swear, he did get ridiculously preachy. Anyway, I hit my goal and salved my rare urge to compete.

As for Keffy, some may say that the bizzare deliriu she spewed forth last night was useless, but hey, so's getting drunk, and it's fr less fun and useful than last night's write-in.


Nov. 15th, 2007 09:12 pm
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50375 / 50000 words. 101% done!

Done! At least with the official part.
Winning sentence: "Horaci approached Ishierdi, whose feet, for once, weren't on fire."

Now I can take a break and clean up my submission to the Fairwood workshop...
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Well it just happened. At 39,000 words, I hit the dreaded wall of "blah, Horaci goes to the continent." So tomorrow shall be spent wandering town, figuring out exactly what Horaci does on the continent.
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So Nano's barrelling along nicely. I'm not sure how long it will be before I'll have the story in any sort of shape for my writing group. I'm figuring out the characters as I write, of course, which means that every now and then, my hero will go BLARGH!!! and there will be two or three thousand words of angst. It's all good angst, angst he has to deal with to heal and gain the power to defeat bad guys, but seriously, there's no break. Not to mention that I just spent a paragraph describing the trinite-trinite nature of the gods in great detail.
That said, my hero just got angry, which is something he's only done twice in my entire time writing him. yeah for no longer directing anger inwards. I need to get him a big, foamy mallet to bash the Prophet over the head with.

36889 / 50000 words. 74% done!
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Holy carp, there's some serious lesbian subtext going on. Between two decidedly straight women.
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Visual of my nano.

From the whiteboard at our Nano meetings.

The stick person with the things coming out of their head is Princess En Li, Mary Sue from beyond the sea. The black thing is supposed to be a vampire with a gun, but in truth, none of the vampires in the army have guns. Frankly, I think the muskets are so inaccurate, it would be a waste of a good superhuman. My story is closer to, vampires with minions with guns. Or even better, vampires with minions with ships with cannons.

The red one is Horaci, Official Hero, and the orange triangle-thing is Juri, Tranny-With-Fireballs, who actually rebelled against the dress after five minutes.

There also appears to be something even further in the background, I'm not sure what. Probably a lone member of the demon army, or maybe Mlohota the Green, fountain of angst and misleading foreshadowing.
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Anyone want free kiwifruit? My dad has a ginormous kiwi vine in his backyard (actually two, a boy kiwifruit and a girl kiwifruit). Anyone around Bham want some?

Oh, and in other news, I stayed up till 1:30 writing, slept four hours, dreamed about the author search, discovered myself wide awake at 5:30am, and now I'm exactly one third through Nano. However, after Juri gets turned into the Fireball Tranny, and Horaci is convinced he can't ruin the point of Book 6 by doing it himself in Book 5, I might run out of steam.

I've picked a great time to cut down on caffeinated soda, since I'm sick and will feel crappy whether or not I've got a withdrawal headache, yet am suffering a constant, caffeine-free rush thanks to Nano.

UPDATE: All kiwifruit are claimed. I'm going to ask my dad to bring even more next year
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12832 / 50000 words. 26% done!

Of course, right now I'm working straight from my outline. Eventually I'll run out of outline and descend into: [err... blah they go to the continent, maybe?]
*Looks at outline*
holy crap, I'm only a fifth of the way through my outline.
Bow, I say, bow!

Shut up, this is the one time I'm good at something. O_O
Y'all can laugh at me when I burn.
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4446 / 50000 words. 9% done!

Horaci's doing well, character-wise. I've got him comfortably ordering people around, and I was worried he was just going to slouch and mope.
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So Nano is done (I'm at 53,000 odd words. Pretty much a complete first draft except for a couple of sex scenes I'm too burned out to write, and an ending to rewrite.) Now I'm looking forward to giving it a break so I can come back to it fresh in a month or two.

The plan now? Get the first part of Juri ready for Norwescon, and possibly write a short story for that as well. My two short stories right now are an ancient thing, and fluffy Dracula vs the paparazzi. I kinda want to give myself a challenge, since they're allowing two submissions, and short stories can do the Round Robin critique. But that comes second to Juri.

With Juri in mind, I'm re-reading A Game of Thrones. It has a beginning I'll never forget. It starts with a prologue involving characters who have nothing to do with the rest of the book, but the situation they face is arguably the most important one in the entire series. It's also one that is constantly pushed aside because the characters are too busy fighting each other and caring about the throne. In the end, however, you know everyone's going to have to unite to face that ultimate threat. The scene also establishes up front the brutal tone that bugs so many people, but is why I love him. :-)

I haven't gotten to the first chapter yet, but I remember that, aside from the foreshadowing of the book's end in the first scene, it involved everyone together and basically peaceful. Martin's got an enormous cast of characters, so I want to study how he introduces them from the beginning. My number one problem is undoubtedly my tendency to bring in a whole of lot of characters/worldbuilding at once.

I'm also going to read War and Peace (at least the first parts) and whatever other epic political books I can. I seem to remember War and Peace opening with two characters having tea and talking politics. I also remember I loved it. The two characters were very sharply defined early on.

Can anyone think of other books I could read? Any thoughts on introducing a story with mulitple viewpoint characters (three important ones in my case.) Should I bring them all in at once? I was going to open at Bresizha's wedding, where I could show everybody. But now it seems too chaotic.


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