Mar. 27th, 2013 08:30 am
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This morning, I realized that this weekend's Norwescon is going to be my first real convention since I had my series of nervous breakdowns last fall, along with the subsequent Wellbutrin treatments, personal revelations and choices and the major personality changes that have come with this. I'm curious to see what this will be like, if nothing, it will at least remind me of the parts of myself that still are. (namely, my hatred of being in a room crammed with hundreds of people like sardines.)
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Oof. I wore down after like an hour. Possibly because I rushed down here just in time for my workshop where The Blood Rose was ripped apart. I think my favorite advice was from Leah Cutter, who said I should keep the omniscient parts of the narrative serious, and keep the snark for the characters. I suspect that's another ding against my failed attempts at voice. Everyone hated Bree and loved Ianto. Everyone pronounced Dann's name differently than me. (I say "Dan" they say "Don") Everyone loved the worldbuilding but wanted to know what Hell was doing open to earth. Basically, they confirmed worries I've had, and gave me ideas for new ways to go and what things to focus on.

It was awesome, but it drained me. Then we went to a panel, and then on to the small press party, which was of course loud and crowded. I barely knew a few of the people, Keffy had been to Rainforest two weeks ago with a bunch and was on embracing terms.

And yet again we come to me wishing I was better at making small talk and conversing with people I barely know in ways I don't feel embarrassed by. I kind of babbled to Caitlin Kittredge.

So now Keffy's still at the party, and Chelsea and I are in our room, happily being introverts together. She's crocheting, and I'm about to write.

Amendment, Keffy just walked in the door. :-)


Mar. 2nd, 2008 08:47 am
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This morning I went to take a shower. The faucets are those bubbly-cross types which add to the "I'm staying in an old hotel" ambience. I turn the hot-water faucet, and nothing happens. I turn the cold-water faucet, and nothing happens. Around and around they turn, and nothing happens. "Well, I won't take a shower," I think. How could a fancy plce like this have broken plumbing? Then, just for the hell of it, I turned the faucet the other way. And Lo! The water turned on.

Am I crazy? I'm thinking counter-clockwise, "lefty-loosey" is the default motion. But in this case, it was right.

In other news, I'm saddened that the clouds haven't lifted to give me more than a tantalizing glimpse of the Olympics out our tenth story window. :-(
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Today was the day we rounded up the members of our workshop and did a take 2. I'm grateful everyone was willing to do this, and I never cease to be amazed at how helpful pros can be. They're not required to help anyone, but they do. I got a lot of great feedback from [ profile] jaylake and L. Timmel Duchamp and all the others in our group. Their advice combined gave me ideas that might help me solve some of my worldbuilding problems.

Specifically, Jay started to get too many references in the first paragraphs of my secondary world story -- was it a Celtic analogue, a Norse one, a Mayan one? It was suggested that if I started with a detail that has no real-world equivalent -- in my case, the poly family structure right in the beginning, then people would start out knowing that they can't compare my world to anything in ours, and anything goes. Which is as it should be.

It was also suggested I whack oxen with something bigger than a little felt ball.

Then, Fate dropped upon me a free birthday present for Keffy. And possibly something a little less free for Chelsea...

I had my first embarrassing cell phone moment when my dad (the only person who ever calls) called when I was watching a panel. I went into the lobby to talk. As it turns out, the panel was about bio and cybernetic enhancements, and Dad told me that now that he's had cataract surgery, he doesn't have to wear glasses anymore. (Tangent. My dad looks pretty much exactly the same now as he did when I was born. He's a little paunchier, a lot greyer, but dude. It's creepy. So now he's gone and grown a beard and rid himself of glasses. Farewell, innocent image of my eternal father. End tangent.)
He also told me

***KEFFY DON'T READ THIS LINE!!!*** He was awake for the surgery.

I had a conversation about trans characters in sf/f, and it sounds like Juri may be a first. There's plenty of gender-switching characters, but none who have that neurosis of being in the wrong body. Here's to seeing if I can pull it off.

The most exciting thing of the day, though, was playing Betrayal at House on the Hill, which is an insane game where you explore a haunted house until one of the players goes crazy and starts throwing monsters at everyone else. There are fifty different scenarios which could be played out. The betrayal isn't supposed to happen for a while, but for us... it happened literally on the first turn. Everyone died almost immediately, and things looked grim. But it came down to me, and I single-handedly killed the Demon Lord.

And now I'm pooped, having had several long, drawn out final showdowns with that Demon Lord.
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I'm at Potlatch, staying in the classiest hotel I've ever stayed in. Come six o'clock, we walk into registration, and Jay Lake turns to me and says, "speak of the Devil!" I'm like, "someone's talking about me? Jay Lake is talking about me? Why the hell would anyone talk about me?" It's because our workshop session was two hours earlier, while we were sitting on I-5 somewhere between Everett and Seattle moving 5 mph in Friday traffic on the Greyhound. Now, this wasn't really our fault, and I'm not pissed off, just mildly annoyed. It's not like I can't track everyone down and give them their critiques one on one.

(Oh, no! San only brought one tie!)

Yeah, I'm lying on the bed with its tower of impractically but stylishly piled pillows. Sän's in the corner eating Oreos, pondering how many people have died in this room. Had loads of fun hanging out in a room with terrible acoustics with [ profile] cmpriest, [ profile] davidlevine, [ profile] kateyule and others who may well have LJs and didn't tell me.


Sep. 25th, 2007 02:50 pm
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Ok, Foolscap report.
I went with [ profile] kehrli, whose first Foolscap this was. (It's my third). We stayed with the gracious [ profile] awritersweekend and [ profile] bsdotrand and their enormous dog, their enormous cat, their slightly less enormous cat, and their sad goldfish which seems to have too much air in it.
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I'll be in Seattle at Foolscap this weekend, with [ profile] kehrli, [ profile] awritersweekend and [ profile] bsdotrand.

Anyone else?
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Writers Weekend Report, Part 2
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