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As viewed from my window, I give you, the fuzzy thing in the window across the alley.


Jul. 21st, 2010 08:35 pm
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Due to a little bump in my income, I'm letting myself get some small luxuries. I got a Sonicare toothbrush, because my dental hygienist sort of flipped out at me last week. After she scrubbed me down, she asked, "do you feel the clean difference?" And I ran my tongue over my teeth and said, "no." I guess this means my teeth are extra gritty. Because of this, I have to give extra care to my teeth. I've got mild peridontitis, which means the bones holding my teeth in are being nibbled away. Bleh.
In more entertaining news, my dentist said that my remaining baby tooth is the sort of thing a dentist is lucky to see once in a lifetime.

And, I got a new camera. My old one's ten years old, and though cutting edge for its time, is kind of clunky. My new one is relatively cheap (a hundred bucks) but I hear it's a good brand, and it's surely better than my old one.

So behind the cut, I give you my first pictures with the new camera.
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I wonder if Teisel the Cat's obsession with water is about him trying to be a badass. He's obviously afraid of the stuff. When you turn on the shower for him, he patiently waits until the water's gone down a bit, and then cautiously steps in, making sure his toes don't get wet. He dips his paw in, licks it, and then beds down to lick up the rest of the water.
Maybe for him, it's like a drinking blood.
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Penny the Cat thinks she belongs to me. (In the absence of her proper human, gone east for Christmas.) Now I have cat hair on my keyboard. At least she's soft, small and makes pretty cooing sounds on my lap, and doesn't require me to run around the house like The Kitten does.
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So I'm coming out of the upstairs bathroom, when charging at me up the stairs is what appears to be a giant, sodden sewer beast. I freak out for a split second before realizing it's Teisel, recently emerged from the bath.
He's been a busy cat.
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There are Teisel noises on tape. They don't start for about thirty seconds, though. And you have to imagine them three times as loud. At three am. For three hours straight.

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Teisel's sitting on my window softly imitating the squawking Steller's Jay outside. That's not a sound cats should make, dammit.
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Holy crap, there must be, like, catnip at the thrift store. Teisel came in my room to obsessively sniff everything, and when he poked his head into my bag of recently acquired thrift shop treasure, he eagerly patted at the tissue paper and suddenly was perky and wide-eyed!

In other news, I finally felt like working on Green Night again, after a craft-filled hiatus. I was poking at a new scene when I realized, "when I was at Whistler, I came up with a whole new cool way this scene would go. Where's my notes?" Well...not in the computer, as it turns out. Apparantly they're still in the notebook I scribbled in while walking on bear poop covered trails. So I frantically searched for my ladybug notebook, my current primary note repository. Found it. No Whistler notes. Wait, the notebook had to be small enough to fit in my hoody pouch. I must have used the fuzzy purple notebook! Of course, because I remember telling my parents the amusing story of how I acquired it, since "I stepped on a cookie!" was still scrawled on the first page.
I know I saw that notebook somewhere when I went through every single thing I owned this last week. Where did I put it? Who the hell knows? It probably just fell down the same black hole where my hidden cache of beads is. Somewhere, there is a pirate treasure of notes, just waiting to be found.
I don't want to go through every single thing I own again. ;_;
[EDIT And only moments later, I triumph! It was in with my dirty laundry!]


Aug. 3rd, 2009 06:35 pm
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I dug out my camera and loaded it with fresh batteries. Now, my camera's old, but it's got a great optical zoom, and takes great pictures when it's not taking crappy pictures. Of course, it uses SmartMedia cards, which aren't made anymore, and don't come any bigger than 128MB. Mine's 16MB. So yeah, I can take 12 pics and then I'm done.


Teasel and Teisel

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What goes, >jingle< >thud< >jingle< >thud< >jingle< >thud< ?

Princess the cat having sex against our front door!

Chelsea and I heard this noise, suspected the origin, but when we peered out the glass, we only saw an unfamiliar gray cat staring at us in terror. Chelsea opened the door, and Princess just sort of spilled in.
She's been howling all week, and she sounds disturbingly like Teisel.

>cue [ profile] csinman saying, "I hate your neighbor"
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Don't worry too much about us up in Bellingham. We're not one of those towns that built themselves on a flood plain. >cough< Mt Vernon Centralia >cough<

It was raining wickedly last night, though. I ran into [ profile] spencimusprime on the bus back from Western, and usually I would have walked home from downtown so I could hang out with him while walking. Not in that weather! I let him suffer alone.

At home, the kitten and Teisel were hanging out in the upstairs bathroom for a long time. Eventually, I found the kitten in the hall, tail bristling, staring down the stairs. I brought him downstairs and cuddled him on the couch. He kept staring at the stairs. I triangulated the spot he was focused on, determined he was not afraid of the piece of ribbon tied to the banister, nor the plush cameleon. Sherlock Holmes-style, I determined it must be ghosts or fairies. Not a very helpful answer. Eventually the kitten calmed down, and Audrey decided the kitten was terrified because the upstairs bathroom was shaking and roaring with the storm.
Poor kitten. :-(
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My aunt noted that I was probably the only person at Christmas who actually needed anything. This is true, and the only thing I need is new pants. Thankfully, that's what I received--a pair of very nice, very dark blue jeans. I wore these jeans quite a bit over the weekend, and was only able to take a very perfunctory, non-soapy shower on Saturday, thanks to the unpredictability of my aunt's plumbing. Yesterday was full of travel, Cabela's and late-running trains. No showers for me.
So when I went to take a shower this evening, I was most excited to do so. Right before I got in the shower, I thought, "I have zombie legs!" Because the light was making my legs look rather pallid, and I've been writing about zombies for 72 hours straight.

Then I got in the shower, and my legs really were cold, dead, grey-blue.

And that's what happens when you wear jeans before washing them. They turn you into a zombie.

Even more fun was when I got out of the shower and Teisel was throwing himself against the door. I let him in even before I dried off, just to shut him up. He proceeded to jump up on the edge of the tub and promptly became the second living being to lick my naked thigh. When I refused to let this continue, he licked the bathtub walls--not around the drain where he could actually get a drink. That, as Tye pointed out, would require him to actually get his toes wet.

And that's what happens when you live with the weirdest cat ever.
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Teisel is staring very fixedly at a point on my beanbag chair. Now he's attacked it! I'm not certain, but I think he's glaring at his shadow.
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This isn't a very exciting battle. Teisel keeps staring at the hollow my body left in the black phur bag, looking like he wants to sit in it. Occasionally, he moves as if he might poke it, but knows that won't end well. So far, I haven't actually seen him try to put his weight on it. I have, however, seen the kitten do it (in as much as you can see the all-black furry kitten on the all-black phurry chair) without ill effect.
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It's early, it's frosty, and I'm the only one awake for the kitten to demand entertainment from. After nearly bending the Adjustment card in two, he's sitting beneath my altar, my glow-in-the-dark figure of Saint Michael poking from under him like the Wicked Witch of the East.
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I've been on a diet for exactly three weeks now, and doing well. Way back when, I topped out at nearly 200 pounds, but through exercise and generally watching what I ate, I dropped to 181 and hit a plateau. So now I'm tracking exactly what I eat, and making sure my calorie intake is different each day. I've been paying attention to what the package says a serving size is, and actually eating that. To my surprise, it's usually a substantial amount.
As a result, when I stepped on the scale this morning, I was under 175. In high school, I was 148(according to my ID.)

I've also been sick lately, but I'm hoping that's not a direct result of my diet. I figure it's equal parts: stress at work (co-worker gone to Turkey for two weeks, just got back), new kitten (KITTEN!) driving my allergies crazy, something nasty going around work, and yes, the diet.

So losing weight, but low energy.

But hey, I jut got some turkish delight from my co-worker! He also (at my request) got me a cd of turkish music, with songs whose titles translate into such fun as: "I Ate Your Meal", "You, Stand Wave So I May See Your Stature", "Man With Camel (Camels)", and "Grasshooper". And everyone's favorite, "You're a Flower, I'm a Bee."
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Teisel is in water-hunting mode this morning. Anywhere there's water--the bucket of old aquarium water, my watering can, my glass of sparkling mineral water--he sticks his nose into. There's a silver bowl on the floor beside my altar, so out of curiosity, I poured some of said sparkling mineral water into it. It hissed and fizzed and scared the crap of out Teisel. Now he's sniffing around the room, occasionally staring at the bowl with concern and fascination.
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You know something I find irrationally disturbing? The quaking sound a cat's body makes as it stretches.


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