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So I'm heading home from work, deciding which route I want to take. I consider going to the marina to try out the workout equipment they've got there. However, I'm starving, and decide I want to see Iron Man 2. So I go home, check the movie times, and head for the bus. The bus, unfortunately, can only get me there 45 minutes early, so I spontaneously decide to walk out to the mall. It's only a twenty minute walk, and I'd like the exercise.

As soon as I open the door to the mall, I think, "Did I actually check which theatre it's at?" No, I didn't. Turns out, it's not at this one. But, I've got loads of time, and can take a bus to the other big theatre. I wait a few minutes, rummage through my purse, and can't find my cash. (a ten and a one, which hey! I still can't find.) There's 5, but the bus is in five minutes, and I don't have enough time to get change. I run to a nearby vending machine, but it doesn't take fives. So hell, I'll walk to Sunset Square. There's another showing 30 minutes after the one I'm aiming for, anyways.

Forty minutes and one short cut detour that didn't work out, I'm at Sunset Square where, lo! Iron Man 2 is not playing. I guess it's actually at the little theatre that usually only shows end runs and artsy stuff.

I'm annoyed at my missing 11 bucks, but I'll survive. I got some good exercise, and a good laugh at myself.
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I'm going off to the Rainforest Writers Retreat, and might be off the grid for the rest of the week.
Smoke from this baby is irritating the heck out of my breathing parts. (As for the fire itself, which I watched them extingushing on my way to work yesterday, I'm just grateful it was in empty buildings, and that there's a big gap between them and the big antique stores that are still there and beloved. I hope they didn't get too much smoke damage. )

But yeah, there's smoke just hanging over the town. And to think that in days of yore, every place was like this, except worse, because it was coal smoke.

In other news, I've got the urge to hand out back and foot rubs to willing participants at Rainforest, so I trimmed my nails down real low. And thus, I discovered, I hate having short nails! I cant's scratch or pick at anything!!
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So the newspaper says that H1N1 vaccines are now available for everyone in my county. So I click on the link that says how to get one, it takes me to the Health Department, and I sign up for an appointment. It says only high priority people can get it, but I figure, whatever, they haven't updated their site. But there's also no address listed for where you get the darned thing. I figure, hey, it's at the Health Department, but there's two locations!
Poking around the site some more, I find a pdf listing local places that give it out. My local store is listed, and says they're giving it out...last Friday.


Dec. 3rd, 2009 02:16 am
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Just got back from my first karaoke in like...fourteen years. I'm funny when it comes to singing. I love it, but I don't know the words to many songs. It also doesn't help that my voice naturally tends towards opera. Scatting in high school jazz choir sucked. Vibrato+jazz= >:(
I do well in choirs because I'm good at matching my voice. (My dad totally thought I took too much choir in school, but he's wrong :-P Seriously, choir was one of the few times I really enjoyed myself and felt a part of something in school.
Solo...not so much.
However, I do like freaking people out when I spontaneously burst into the few bars of Carmen that I know.
Anyway, Keffy convinced me to operatically sing Eiffel 65's Blue (Da Ba Dee), assuring me it didn't have any real words. So yeah, I did that.

PS. Happy Birthday to [ profile] awriter and farewell to [ profile] kehrli!
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So [ profile] awriter and I were planning to go across town to the Fred Meyer. I glanced at the clock and said, "If we leave right now, or in the immediate future, we could catch the bus." And by that I meant, we can leave THIS VERY INSTANT and have a leisurely walk to the stop across the street, or we can leave in a couple minutes and RUN OUR ASSES OFF.

Audrey retreated to her room to Do Stuff.
She was Doing Stuff for a while.
I stood outside, occasionally calling out and occasionally getting an "I'm coming!"

She emerged holding a pink plastic grocery bag containing Stuff.
I instantly realized what had happened, but oh, well. I made her run, and we just barely caught the bus. All the while she cried, "I can't do it! It smells!" To which I responded, "How do you know! It doesn't!" (And it didn't.)

So yeah, that's how I made Audrey take cat poop on the bus.
Turns out she thought we were going to walk to the downtown station instead of catching the bus across the street, which is reasonable, but totally not what I had in mind. She tossed the bag in the garbage at the downtown station and all was well in the world.
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Pictures from the walk to work today. There were hundred of googly eyes scattered in front of a door. What more can be said? After the cut are salmon in Whatcom Creek.


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So I just found out that one of the Third Quarter winners of Illustrators of the Future is Douglas Bosley of Bellingham. (and another's from Olympia. Go Washington!) Anyone know him?

So this is two writer/illustrator winners we've had from Bellingham in about a year. Go us!
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While wandering today, I passed a free lathe on the roadside. It said it worked, it just needed a new...thingy.
Part of me has been going into "I"M GOING TO MAKE STUFF!!" overdrive, and I was sorely tempted. Because seriously, when else will I get a free lathe?
But in truth, even though I have tons of cool projects floating through my head, none of them involved baseball bats or fancy table legs.
But hey, if you want a free lathe that just needs a new thingy, there's one over on Maryland Street a few blocks east of the Haggen.

I did however, find several garage sales and acquired a bunch of jewelry to cannibalize, a 25 cent picnic basket to store stuff in, and a pack of kanji flash cards, just because.
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The first day of ValhallaCon 1 was yesterday. On the one hand, it's strange having friends from out of town in Bellingham. On the other hand, it's hard to feel like you're in Bellingham when you're out at the airport Hampton. And on the other other hand, which is my hand alone, it's super weird and creepy being next to my old friends' old house (which is now incredibly trashy) where I had so much late-night drama.
Ghosts on ghosts. This weekend also marks the one-year anniversary of J (and J2) coming back into my life for like, a day, whirling everything around like a hurricane, and then vanishing again. Good in the long run, but damn, Labor Day 2008 was annoying.
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These are from a week or so ago. On the walk home from work, I got shots of the old Georgia Pacific mill, which is right behind my work. There's entertaining non-GP pics, too.

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Today, I discovered my camera has a manual setting, which opens a whole new world of possibility. All this time, I figured my camera was too old to have anything too cool on it. Here's some pics from today. [ profile] quantumage stopped by and went for a walk with us.


More behind the cut, and at my photostream.
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So the other day, I came up with a story idea that involved an old WWII bomber. The very next day, I learned there'd be a B17 Flying Fortress at the Heritage Flight Museum at the airport. I didn't even know we had a museum! They've got a respectable collection there, and every 3rd Saturday of the month, they take a bunch of them out for a flight. The museum was founded by Bill Anders, one of the first guys to orbit the moon. Apparently he lives around here. Who knew?

I got there just as the plane was taking off, and got some nice shots. A fighter plane accompanied it. By the time the plane got back, a combination of confusion, laziness and hunger meant I didn't go onboard.

The B17, "Sentimental Journey"

The P-51D Mustang, "Valhalla" in the air.


Flickr set!
Also, to get you in the mood for the story I'm going to write, here's a cool photo of the Pistol Packin' Mamas.
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There's a thunderstorm on right now. [ profile] awriter is particularly happy, since it's her first since leaving Illinois.

Also, have a cool link:
Database of Medieval English Soldiers.
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Today we saw an accident en route to our weekly get together at [ profile] anghara's. A pickup with an untethered husky in the bed made a left hand turn without yielding, and got clipped by a lady in a van. We saw it and turned around to help her. No one else did, and she was a little rattled, if unhurt. Coming back from Alma's, we passed the intersection, which was littered with bits of broken headlight. We discussed the accident and how awful the guy with the husky was. Just beyond it, we stopped at a light under the overpass, we saw a husky lying on the sidewalk, unmoving. We all freaked out, but then the dog lifted its head, and revealed itself to just be a dog who thought the sidewalk was a great place to sleep. Its leash was firmly in the hands of a bum, curled up asleep, and hidden by the concrete freeway supports.

With all the Iran Twitter stuff going on, [ profile] csinman has been getting really excited about using Twitter for the forces of good. Immediately after the accident, he noted that the cops could have a local Twitter feed where they could send out notices a la Amber Alerts. Someone down the road who never saw the accident could get the notice to look for a blue pickup with a husky in the back and take down the license plate number.
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On my way to work I saw a crow pecking at a mess on the sidewalk. This being Friday morning downtown, I figured it was drunk puke. The crow pulled something long and thin from the mess. Mmmm... congealed drunk puke.
Turns out the long thing was rather...fleshy. Dear god, I don't know what it was. A worm, I think. Two worms and a pile of birdseed all in a dinner-plate sized splatter of blood.

I didn't spend too long looking at it, as I had to get into work, and honestly, I'm paranoid enough about disease that I didn't want to stick my face near it. Besides, that crow was impatiently waiting to get back to his breakfast.

Maybe this is why I should carry a camera everywhere. But sure, I could document it and establish the truth, but aren't the nightmares so much more fun?
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Yesterday, when [ profile] awriter and I were walking across the Whatcom Creek estuary, we looked down at the mud flat beneath us and saw a laptop--an HP, squashed and half-buried in low-tide muck.


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