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So last weekend, I took the new boyfriend to the zoo. It so happened that this was the day they celebrated Thanksgiving by throwing raw turkeys at the animals. We got a great view of the bear, who dragged his turkey over to the window we were standing by. Mind you, this was in a viewing cave primarily intended for children. There was just enough headspace for a few adults, but it was pretty much us and a dozen children crammed in there. I didn't get particularly good shots, but there is something pleasant about sitting in a dark cave surrounded by happy kids. I may have talked before about how I'm able to connect with complete strangers at the zoo. We're all there for the same reason, and it's nice to be able to point out to your fellow viewers where the animal is, where's a particularly good angle to look from, and I get to spout animal facts at kids. (I probably should volunteer at the zoo someday.)
Anyway, this is all to say I totally manhandled other people's toddlers by lifting them up onto the ledge where they could see the bear better.

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Yesterday morning, I went to the zoo. I was lucky enough to spot the new baby giraffe, Misawa, just as I got there. Right when the fog was thickest.

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So last weekend, my parents and I went to Montana to visit my Uncle in the Bitterroot Valley. I took the opportunity to get in some alone time and drive down the valley to Lake Como, which I haven't been to since I was a kid.
Now, I've usually been to the valley in the summer or during the winter holidays. I didn't realize exactly how gorgeous fall is there.

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As viewed from my window, I give you, the fuzzy thing in the window across the alley.
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Housesitting is done for now. I lived a rather different life than I usually do for one whole month. (Cars, animals, giant TVs with nice sound systems. Out of walking distance of the ocean.) I appreciate such opportunities. And as a reward, I was given cheap Mexican albuterol, and an unspeakably awesome necklace by my Mexico-visiting friends, not to mention a chance to sample the four different tequilas they brought back.

I'm at the parents' place right now, and so far, I'm having a lot of fun. I made dinner, and Dad and I went through boxes of old, potentially meaningful stuff. Lots of letters and records and maps from my dad's travelling days. I also helped him go through his old technical books. Do you know anyone who'd like a book on a forty-year-old programming language? Most of them aren't exactly books, just comb-bound, typewritten manuals from when my dad worked for the Navy in California back in the early 70s.
Dad was talking to me about the work he used to do, and I was trying to listen, but it's all "blah blah blah" to me. Suddenly I hear, "I mean, I didn't come up with it, I worked off of what this other guy before me did. I don't want to say I invented the internet." So there you go. Now, when people ask me what my dad used to do, I can say he helped invent the internet.

Have a picture of a bug.

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Today wasn't the greatest of Sundays, but it wasn't too bad. It started out decently enough. I got a bunch done, both cleaning and creative stuff. After getting stuff done, I went to Discovery Park, which I'd been planning on doing for months now. I'm hoping to set part of a story there. The last time I was there was when I was in my phase of randomly exploring Seattle to help figure out where I want to live. Back then, I got lost, wore myself out, but managed to catch the bus just as it started to pour down buckets of rain. The bus has a long layover there, so the driver can get in a break. She let me wait on the bus, rather than out in the cold shelter. This trip was sort of the opposite of that one.

Everything was fine and lovely at first. I got some nice pics, found a clearing full of maples that works perfectly for my story. Then, it started to drizzle. That's fine--I had my hoodie, and a little drizzle is pleasant. I walked along the beach towards the lighthouse. Then it started raining. It didn't just rain, it pissed. I let the wind drive me up the beach to the point, where I thought I could take shelter on the leeward side of the lighthouse. Turns out the point is covered in big rocks and is not something you can easily round in a storm. But that was fine, since it wasn't too cold. I waited there, enjoying the rain, figuring it would stop soon, because usually these squalls pass in a few minutes. It didn't. The waves got bigger. I had to retreat or get my feet wetter than they already were.
It was at least a mile to the bus stop, but I could handle that. I was soaked so thoroughly I was in a state of resignation.
I missed the bus by five minutes.
The next bus left in an hour. I was fine with that, though (mostly) since I knew this bus came early and hung out for a while. Like last time, I could wait on the warm, dry bus. So in the meantime, I sat in the shelter and ate the granola bar I'd brought for a snack.

However, when the bus showed up, the driver didn't let me on, despite my pleas and wheedling. Evening was approaching, I was soaked literally to my skin, I was no longer moving around, and I was starting to shiver. That's when the day officially turned to shit, and I started to cry. I'd been walking all afternoon, I was cold and wet and hungry, and faced with an asshole.
I'm sure the guy has every right to enjoy his lunch break in peace, but man, there's this thing called compassion. I don't know if I should complain to Metro or not. I'd like to, but I honestly don't think I could handle them telling me I was in the wrong. I stood around passive aggressively shivering in front of his bus for half an hour, maybe that's enough.
But hey, pictures! Including an excellent one of some ants.
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Jun. 6th, 2011 10:00 pm
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This evening, I stood at a bus stop on University Avenue, and watched a crow on a rooftop methodically pick away the spikes intended to keep them from perching there.


May. 28th, 2011 07:27 am
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I just got out of bed, trudged into my dark kitchen and grabbed a cheese bagel off the bag on the counter. I noticed, in the dim light coming from my bedroom, that there was a powdery substance on the counter, like spilled salt or sugar. What the hell this could be, I did not know, so I turned on the light, and discovered a whole bunch of ant on the counter.
I still don't know where the powdery stuff came from.
I don't like killing bugs, but I've been dutifully squashing the one or two ants I've found in my basement apartment, because one ant now means more ants later. Too late!
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So my current job is kind of meh. I like the work just fine, but I'm having difficulty integrating with the office culture. However, today took a turn for the better. Why? Well first off, I discovered that one of the customer service reps is a science fiction fan, and her and another CSR talked to me about things that weren't work. And second, there was fuzziness! First, when I arrived, a gorgeous, friendly dog was roaming the office. She was a irish setter/lab mix (or something along those lines). Then, another co-worker brought around her bunny, a lop with huge, fuzzy feet that stuck up before her as she held him. And then! Just when it couldn't get any cuter! There was a kitten! A super young one in that state where they just sort of tremble all the time. Someone put it on a desk, and it batted around a highlighter.
Now, I sometimes have trouble relating to my new co-workers. They're not very conversational, and my quirkier attempts to bond fall flat. (Like my fascination with numbers. Nobody else cares that when we hit job number 24444, we're all gonna die.*) But they do like their animals. All the pictures on the wall are either kids or pets.** But if that means I get to play with kittens and bunnies on the job, I'll take it.

*I was so spoiled by working with my old co-worker Ryan, who is even weirder than me. Every now and then, I'd catch him walking around stiff-legged, pretending he didn't have knees.

**The exception is the aforementioned science fiction fan, who has a shrine to Hello Kitty in her cubicle.


Feb. 14th, 2010 04:48 pm
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My parents and I went to the Point Defiance Zoo today. I haven't been there since I was a kid, so <3 <3
There were tigers and peacocks and elephants and sharks, but the coolest thing was by far the walruses. I've never seen them in real life. THEY'RE HUGE. I've seen elephant seals (granted, not as closely as the walruses) and I think ET the Walrus is bigger than those.
It's extra impressive when you've got 4,029 pounds of blubber jiggling just inches from your face behind a plexiglass wall. He was rubbing up against it, when he wasn't going after the smaller female in the tank. He's horny right now, but sadly, she isn't. They beat each other up, but, I think, affectionately. When two incredibly large sacks of blubber slam against each other, there's more jiggling than Homer Simpson's belly being hit with a cannonball.

The third walrus is a huge, blind female. She just swam back and forth, sucking in air down her pink gullet and sounding asthmatic. You know what's creepy? A giant brown sack of blubber rising from the deep with pure white, cataract-sealed eyes, opening her surprisingly small mouth to go sluuurrrrp right at you.

(And no, there was no autofellatio.)
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Pictures from the walk to work today. There were hundred of googly eyes scattered in front of a door. What more can be said? After the cut are salmon in Whatcom Creek.


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Before I forget, and the creature tracks us down to eat us in our sleep, I should tell you about the Thing.
On the bumpy road back from Skyline Divide, an animal bounded across the road a ways in front of us. We all saw this thing. It ran like a predator and was too square to be a deer, too big to be a fox or bobcat, too dark to be a cougar. Too quadrupedal to be a sasquatch. When I saw it, my brain said, "big dog!" but what the hell would a dog be doing out there? My bet's on cougar, personally. It was Irish Setter red, and while cougars aren't usually that dark, I don't think it's impossible.
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My frog likes to hover in the tank, going up and down, side to side along the glass. Today, for some reason, she has decided to do this in the same corner as the plecostemus' algae pellet. I don't know why she can't do it in another corner.

My new snail is also nibbling at the pellet. Satan the plecostemus has no problem shoving smail aside, but I think it's irritating him. Snail plus a frog that keeps ignorantly bouncing up and down on his head? He's one pissed pleco. He waits until the frog's in the corner, then charge out from his boglog lair and slam into the frog, pinning her in the corner. I don't imagine she'll be too badly hurt, but I'm sad she's too stupid to find a different corner.
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Okay, I'm not much of a fan of undersized rat dogs, but out neighbor's new doberman chihuahua thing is stalking butterflies and bounding through the way-too-deep grass* and is totally cute.

*Seriously, it's like a foot and a half tall. And full of old bathroom fixtures.
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Discovered this while researching cormorants:
Vampire finches.
Thank you evolution, for making the Galapagoes the most fucking weird place on earth.
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So the dead cat in our backyard? We're sure it was a hate crime. Because that poor cat wasn't black, its neighbors murdered it using their mysterious cat sorcery. When I came home, Tye and Chelsea were sitting on the back porch. "Princess", an adorable black kitty of delicate build, was rolling in the grass, gleefully making love to the sole dandelion that survived the last lawn mowing. Around the garage, the long-lost twin of [ profile] cmpriest's Spain the Cat lurked. Next door, not one, but three black cats, only their beady green eyes visible, watched the exhibitionist Princess.
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You know what's awesome? My plecostemus. Well, maybe not too awesome, since he is a plecostemus and hides all the time. I'm not sure if he's eating, or if the snails are simply scattering his food for him. The zucchini slice I dropped in has neat little scalloping along the edge where the baby snails are nibbling it. I feel like a detective in the morning, looking for signs that he's come out the night before. "Is that a thread of poo? It is! He's been here."

But I did pay extra to get the extra bristly bristlenose pleco. So when you do see him, he's awesome, especially the way he pulls himself along the glass with only his creepy sucker mouth. I was going to name him Satan, since he was going to be the sole non-collective entity in my Hellborn-themed tank. But now I realize Satan would be a little more outgoing, so I suspect I'll have to come up with a Chthulu-esque demon whose name he can share. Probably the third member of the Howling Serpents' triumvirate.

You know what else is awesome? Iguanas. Last night, I got to play with one belonging to [ profile] csinman's boss. We were initially going to see said boss' giant fish, and Sän forgot that I'd go completely crazy over a chance to carry an iguana on my shoulders and research Juri. it was a lot like I imagined-- like how he claws his way to the top of your head-- with a few surprises, like how I had to put my hand on my hip to balance out the extra weight, or how the lizard's ribs are right under its cold scaly skin with absolutely no padding.

LOL Yesterday was awesome.
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Sän suggested that, in an attempt to make my LJ more interesting, I post links to articles and talk about how I'll get writing ideas from them. (Specifically, that story about moray eel retractable jaws. I thought you could apply it to vampires.)
Anyone want to use this one? It's already got vampires.


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