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I need to stop neglecting Livejournal. (This post is being made in lieu of a proper response to a comment, which LJ doesn't feel like letting me make.)
Life is being pretty good to me. I'm still going to school, with less than a year to go. Right now, I'm in the thin break between my Group Therapy class (which included actual group therapy) and Existential Therapy (which probably won't involve actual therapy, but it does have a professor who has written a lot about kink, so I'm looking forward to meeting him.)
Next month, I start my internship at the YWCA. I'm a little nervous, but also looking forward to getting real experience. I worry my anxiety attacks will return, but I can't know until I try.
I might be getting a part time job. I haven't heard back, but I got some stuff straightened out with the student loan people, so I'll have more than enough money to live on. The choice is basically "more debt vs. more stress." I'm inclined towards the latter.

My roommate (Keffy) is off in Europe for a month, leaving me alone to hang out in my underwear and take care of our friend's cat. We've got Taco the Cat until about the end of the year. I'm doped up on loratidine, but I'm enjoying her company for the most part. Earplugs are often required at night, though, and she did get herself banished to the bathroom briefly when the boyfriend was over.

Things are going well with the boyfriend. It no longer feels weird. He's met my parents, and soon I'll be meeting his dad.

Today, my goal is to do dishes, walk to campus where I'll read stuff for next week's class, ride an elliptical for at least 30 minutes, and buy a friend's debut novel.

Last night, I did a solid brain flush by watching a couple fluffy movies while playing Alpha Centauri. I may do the same tonight if I can't get out to Lake Forest Park to see my friend read from the aforementioned novel.
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