Mar. 3rd, 2013

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Today's run is from UW, using my telephoto lens. I've only got two lenses, but they serve my learning self quite well.


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Life has kept itself interesting. I've been cramming for the math assessment test so that I can take statistics. Math and me, we don't get along so well. But I've been reading a nice, simple book on algebra that served as a refresher, and with every online practice test I get, I get better. Now it feels like I'm hitting my limitations--my tendency to miss stupid details like forgetting to change a negative sign or something. As long as I do well enough to get into statistics, I don't care how bad I do. After stats, there should be no math in my life for a long time.

Other stuff:
I had my interview for grad school earlier this week. No idea how well I did. I'm pretty sure I didn't bomb it, but I'm anxious nevertheless. But hey, that's what Katamari is for! And now we have both the first and second games, and there is much joy in our apartment.

I really need a container to organize my nail polish collection. $1.99 bottles of Sinful Colors are my weakness.

Tonight I went out to a sushi place in Belltown that is way classier than I am. (Once, when Keffy and I were looking for some late night food, we walked by this place and Keffy said, "if we go in there, their rating is going to drop a star.") Nevertheless, tonight we went, smelling variously like car repair, Aberdeen, comic convention, and whatever strange thing I smell like.
I had a nice white wine with a very long name, and pistachio financier with brown sugar buttercream. It was fancy.


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