Jan. 1st, 2013


Jan. 1st, 2013 08:39 pm
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Well, I have just had quite the weekend. Not the best moving experience, but possibly the most interesting. last time I moved, I was dreading it, but my friends made it a marvelously smooth event. This time, however, I moved on the last weekend of the year.

I was skeptical about my mom coming along (she has a tendency to freak out and/or decide she needs to leave NOW) but she manned the door, and it was nice having her company.

Dad cut himself at some point and bled on everything until [livejournal.com profile] kehrli finally noticed. I myself got a lot of bruises. And aches. But in a satisfying way; I'm in better shape than I expected.

This was a matter of moving two apartments into one, with pretty much the same group of people for both. We had three days to do it, one of those with a U-Haul. We got a load each with the U-Haul, and then a friend's van the next day. Sunday I just rented a U-Haul cargo van and did the final bits myself, with some unloading assistance from friends. I've never driven a van before, and I was happy to learn that everyone who tells me it's perfectly easy was right. Granted, I had some terrifying moments involving I-5 in rush hour traffic, but I survived, and so did my stuff.

I still had a bunch of stuff left on that third day, and not all of it was properly packed. I had no space in my cramped apartment to put boxes once it was packed, so a lot just got left for later. I got into this great zone where I could just go, go, go and stay focused on one things at a time. Having to do the entire apartment on my own would have been too much, but doing the last, substantial load on my own was good for me.

For so long, I've been stuck in this mental transitional space, where I was waiting for adulthood--good job, house, savings, two weeks vacation, etc., would come along. I felt like I was still a kid. This last year held the painful process of me pulling out of that and actually feeling like a grown-up, like I'm actually living in that far-off world that we dreamed about as kids. This was one of those little rites-of-passage that have helped me through. I possibly offended my family, and I'm sorry that happened, but I needed to do things this way.

Now we're settling in, and had a nice, relaxing New Year's Day just puttering around, alternately goofing off and unpacking.

Tomorrow, I start my Psych Research class, and I'm a little anxious about figuring out the bus system and campus maps to get where I'm going in time. (I'm aiming for an early arrival time. We'll see if that happens.) But I'm also excited.


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